Matthew Tkachuk facing major backlash after punching Connor McDavid in the head

Tyler Ball
June 16, 2024  (12:57)

Florida Panthers forward Matthew Tkachuk being separated from Edmonton Oilers forward Connor McDavid after punching him in the head.
Photo credit: Screenshot

The Florida Panthers struggled last night against the Edmonton Oilers falling 8-1 and today their star forward Matthew Tkachuk is facing backlash online for punching Connor McDavid.

Matthew Tkachuk has been one of the most controversial players in the NHL for several seasons now. He is loved by those who prefer old time physical hockey and hated by others who feel he is just annoying. Last night this debate continued as Matthew Tkachuk put Connor McDavid in a headlock and punched him in the head repeatedly.
This is why nobody respects this clown!

Tkachuk with three uppercuts to McDavid.
While the fan above felt the play was dirty and unwarranted Matthew Tkachuk had many supporters who came to defend him.
its hockey my guy....everyone has a problem when its the great and wonderful and oh so powerful mcjesus. give it a rest, fighting is a part of hockey
This hit has been debated for hours now but became a background conversation to the larger game at hand. In the end, Connor McDavid would get his revenge on the scoreboard.

Connor McDavid dazzles as the Oilers keep their Stanley Cup hopes alive

Despite being repeatedly beaten down by Matthew Tkachuk and his teammates Connor McDavid could not be stopped. He ended Game 4 with 4 points and a new all-time playoff record.
Connor McDavid has officially set the NHL record with 32 assists in a single postseason.

The Edmonton Oilers still find themselves down in the series 3-1 but the resiliency of Connor McDavid and the awakening of the offense could start a comeback. Heading into Game 5 the Oilers need to keep their exceptional play going to have a chance in making an impossible comback.