Evander Kane responds to false comments by Mark Spector

Cameron Brown
April 27, 2024  (8:17 PM)

Evander Kane, Edmonton Oilers
Photo credit: Edmonton Journal

Despite being injured through most of the regular season, Evander Kane has elevated his play in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, as he recorded a Gordie Howe Hat trick against the Los Angeles Kings on Friday night.

In a press conference on Friday after their game 3 win, Kane was asked by a reporter what made him elevate his game in the playoffs. Kane slyly responded by saying he thought it was all the drama surrounding the playoffs, as Zach Hyman sat beside him, smirking.
Kane made this comment after Mark Spector made some less than flattering comments about Kane in the past.
»As has been the case all of Kane's career, too much drama, boys. Too much drama around Evander Kane. Useless drama. I'll do what every player on every other team does. Yeah, maintenance day, I'm gonna try hard tomorrow. This is needless drama that you don't need starting playoffs, that you don't want in your dressing room. The guys we talk to about Evander Kane running his course - He doesn't run his course as a player, he runs his course as a bringer of drama.»

After seeing his interview, and inspired by his game 3 performance, Kane recieved an outpouring of support from Oilers fans on social media, stating that his impact on the team was vital and irreplaceable.
Despite dealing with a hernia, Kane got into a fight Friday night, solidifying his Gordie Howe Hat trick.
Kane will look to continue his strong play as the Oilers look to beat the Kings in the first round for the third straight season.