Cale Makar Shares His Thoughts on Pride Debate

Published October 24, 2023 at 11:54

NHL superstar Cale Makar has voiced concerns over Gary Bettman's decision to put an end to pride and other themed nights.

Makar Speaks Out on NHL's Decision


In a recent interview, he mentionned:

"Asked about the NHL's choice to ban Pride tape, star Colorado Avalanche defenseman Cale Makar called it an "interesting decision."

"We're put in tough positions as athletes," Makar said. "When one individual kind of goes astray, it looks bad on the whole community. For us — 99 percent of the guys in the league — it's all about growing the game and making sure it's inclusive for every single person. I get what the NHL is trying to do. They're trying to eliminate individual thinking and help the league in terms of not putting any one guy in that spot.

"At the same time, we live in a world where it needs to be inclusive for everybody. As an individual, with my point of view, I'm here to make the game as inclusive as possible. Whether it's doing different theme nights — military, Pride night — I think everything has a special meaning, regardless of whom it's for."

An Important Message From Makar


Makar's sentiments resonate: A vast majority of players promote inclusiveness in hockey. However, a single dissenting voice can skew the narrative for all.

Is there a need for themed nights to echo the message of inclusion? Not necessarily. Yet, if the NHL opts out, players should be able to take the initiative.

As reported on House of Hockey - Makar Speaks Out Against Gary Bettman
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Cale Makar Shares His Thoughts on Pride Debate

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