Canes GM Opens Up About the Chances of Seeing Tony DeAngelo Back in Carolina

Published July 19, 2023 at 2:01 PM
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Carolina and DeAngelo

When DeAngelo was let go by the Philadelphia Flyers, and many believed the Carolina Hurricanes were interested in signing him as a free agent. People thought the Hurricanes' GM, Don Waddell, had a plan to acquire DeAngelo without a trade.

But it's clear now that Waddell hasn't even talked to DeAngelo's representative.

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DeAngelo's Troubled Journey Takes Another Turn

Since the trade didn't happen, the Flyers decided to buy him out, and it seems like the Carolina Hurricanes, his former team and favored destination, don't want to reunite with him.

There are ongoing speculations about DeAngelo's future, but it's increasingly likely that his relationship with Carolina is damaged beyond repair.

DeAngelo has made history as the first NHL player to be bought out twice. The main concern, though, is his behavior. Until he does something about that, the interest towards him will always be limited.

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