Trade Proposal Emerges Sending Tyler Toffoli to Toronto

Elliot Ben Jacob
June 25, 2023  (11:27)

Calgary Flames in Disarray: Major Players Plan Exit

All's not well with the Calgary Flames; the team's struggle to retain its roster has become a significant concern.
Following the dismissal of Darryl Sutter, key players, namely Noah Hanifin, Elias Lindholm, and Tyler Toffoli, have reportedly shown a lack of interest in suiting up for the Flames in the upcoming season. This sentiment seems to persist despite Sutter's departure.
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Player Destinations: Where Will They Go?

The lack of interest from Hanifin, Lindholm, and Toffoli has led to a discussion regarding their potential future destinations.
Hanifin and Lindholm are hitting the free agency market, while Toffoli, despite having a year left on his contract, might be on the trading block given the Flames could leverage a substantial return for him.
One team that could show interest in Toffoli is the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Trade Scenarios: Toffoli Moving to the Maple Leafs?

We've proposed twi plausible trade scenario involving Toffoli relocating to Toronto.

The First Scenario

The Maple Leafs receive Tyler Toffoli with a 50% salary retention, while the Flames get Nick Robertson and a 2024 3rd-round pick from the NYI. This simple exchange would involve a player-for-player swap and an additional pick for salary retention.

The Second Scenario

In this scenario, the Maple Leafs receive Tyler Toffoli (with a 50% salary retention) and Dan Vladar. The Flames, in return, receive Nick Robertson, Bobby McMann, the rights to Erik Källgren, and a 2024 4th-round pick.
This deal becomes compelling for Toronto if they acquire Vladar, negating their need to sign Ilya Samsonov, thus allowing GM Treliving to focus on other necessary moves.
However, it is crucial to remember that acquiring Toffoli would require the Flames to retain part of his salary, increasing the overall cost.
The Leafs would need to manage their finances judiciously, as they can't afford to cover his full salary and make additional moves in the summer.

Impact on the Leafs' Roster: Is Toffoli Worth the Investment?

Tyler Toffoli's leadership skills could greatly enhance the Leafs' locker room dynamic. However, it might not warrant utilizing all the Leafs' available space, creating a delicate balancing act for the team's management.