RUMOUR: Three Surprising Maple Leafs Players Could Be Traded

Julien Trekker
October 21, 2023  (10:02)

These three unexpected players could potentially become prime candidates for a trade if the Leafs decide to make a move as the season progresses.

All of them could bring significant return for Brad Treliving.

Domi: Trading the New Fan-Favourite so Soon?


Max Domi signed a 1-year deal this offseason, bringing nostalgia to many Leafs fans who remember his father's era. He's been a fan-favourite ever since.
However, the 1-year deal and his recent performances adds an element of uncertainty for the Leafs and their fans.
Max Domi's start as a Toronto Maple Leaf could not be going worse. It's like he has forgotten how to play hockey. No idea what to do with the puck and everything he does do with it is the wrong thing.
Domi's performance this year has been slower than expected, leading to him playing in lower-tier roles within the team. Although it's still early in the season, his start, with only 1 assist and a minus 3 in 4 games, raises questions. If there's potential to trade Domi for a valuable bottom-six player, the Leafs may consider it, especially considering the uncertainty surrounding his future with the team next year.

Klingberg: Good Offense, But...


Many Leafs fans were excited when Treliving signed offensive defenseman John Klingberg to a 1-year deal. Klingberg has indeed delivered on the offensive front, registering 3 assists in 4 games this season.
However, concerns have arisen regarding his defensive capabilities, with notable mistakes that have called into question whether his offensive contributions outweigh his defensive lapses.
Connor Bedard fakes out John Klingberg to generate a quality scoring chance👀 #Blackhawks

Samsonov: Far From Last Year's Performances


While it's still early in the season, Ilya Samsonov has had a challenging start. There's still a lot of time for improvement, but as Samsonov becomes a UFA next year, there's a possibility that the Leafs may consider trading the goaltender if he fails to match last year's performance.
This remains a longshot, given the Leafs' limited goalie depth, particularly with Murray sidelined on LTIR.
Sheldon Keefe felt Ilya Samsonov made progress tonight, but ...

"Two goals come from distance. I'd like to see him find a way to get one of those for us, especially when the other guy at the other end is not giving you much"
While it could be a shock for the fans to see Domi or Klingberg leave so the Leafs so soon, if the right offer comes along, Treliving will certainly consider it. As for Samsonov, no one would miss it if he continues playing like he did since the season started.