Proposed Karlsson Trade Creates Eastern Conference Juggernaut

Published July 10, 2023 at 4:59 PM
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A proposed Erik Karlsson trade on CapFriendly is creating hype for what could become a potential Eastern Conference Juggernaut.

Erik Karlsson is coming off of one of the best offensive season from a defenseman in NHL history.

But because Karlsson's San Jose Sharks are in the middle of a deep rebuild, Karlsson has requested a trade to a contender.

Destination: Carolina

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A mock trade has sent Karlsson to the Carolina Hurricanes, setting up a reunion with former Sharks teammate Brent Burns.


The trade would see Karlsson being traded along with a 30% retention of his salary for defenseman Brett Pesce, goalie Pyotr Kotchetkov, Philadelphia's 2024 second round pick, and Carolina's 2025 first rounder.

This would make Carolina a top favorite for the Stanley Cup next year

What San Jose Gets

San Jose is getting a solid return in this trade, with defenseman Brett Pesce being cheaper and much better defensively than Karlsson.


They also get Kotchetkov to be their goalie of the future, Kotchetkov has a 2.34 goals against average and a .908 save percentage for his career.

The picks involved will be helpful to the Sharks rebuild as well.

Who wins this trade?

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