Massive Trade Proposal sparks up the Internet sending Mitch Marner to the Calgary Flames

Julien Trekker
May 29, 2023  (10:21)

A particular trade proposal has caught everyone's attention, involving Mitch Marner of the Toronto Maple Leafs heading to the Calgary Flames.

The proposed trade, published on, is an intriguing move that deserves some serious consideration.

Why Toronto Might Consider the Trade

First and foremost, let's discuss the value of the assets being offered to Toronto.
Rasmus Andersson, a highly talented defenseman, would be a significant addition to the Maple Leafs' blue line. Not only is he an excellent two-way player, but he also comes with an incredibly favorable contract, earning just $4.55 million over the next three seasons.
Tyler Toffoli may be the least valuable asset in this proposed trade. Coming off an impressive 73-point campaign, he would be a great fit into Toronto's top six and serve as an immediate replacement for Marner. Notably, Toffoli's leadership qualities were on full display as he recently captained Team Canada to a gold medal at the IIHF World Championship.
Matt Coronato is viewed as the future top-six replacement for Marner. Drafted 13th overall in 2021, he possesses exceptional scoring abilities. During his time at Harvard, Coronato tallied an impressive 38 goals in 68 games, projecting to a remarkable 46-goal pace over an 82-game season. He is expected to become a regular in the NHL next season. The Leafs could initially use him on the third line and eventually promote him when Toffoli's contract expires.
Additionally, the inclusion of a 2024 first-round pick sweetens the deal for the Leafs. This pick, while still uncertain in terms of its specifics, represents a valuable asset that could potentially yield a player of Marner's caliber.

Calgary's Perspective on the Trade

For the Calgary Flames, the motivation behind this trade proposal is crystal clear: acquiring Mitch Marner.
Undeniably, Marner is the most exceptional player involved in this potential deal. With his unquestionable talent, he brings a guaranteed 90 points to the table. His arrival could help the performance of teammates like Jonathan Huberdeau and Elias Lindholm, providing a significant boost to the Flames' offensive.
While Steeves and the 2024 3rd-round pick are considered more supplementary pieces, included to maintain balance in the trade, their individual value may vary. Nonetheless, they serve their purpose in ensuring a fair deal for both sides.
This move would also enable the Flames to retain all of their defensemen and open up opportunities for younger players in the top six. While losing one of their top defensemen would be a setback, the team's depth allows them to make this trade without significant reservations.
In conclusion, the proposed blockbuster trade involving Marner heading to the Flames presents an intriguing scenario for both teams. Toronto stands to gain valuable assets, including a promising young defenseman, a seasoned forward, a rising star, and a future draft pick. Meanwhile, Calgary would acquire a superstar player who could elevate their offensive capabilities and inspire the team to new heights.