Leafs Insider Proposes a Whopping Blockbuster Trade With One of the Core Fours

Published May 29, 2023 at 3:54 PM

Howard Berger's Significant Revelation on Leafs' Future

The renowned but contentious personality in the Leafs' community, Howard Berger, has stirred the waters by hinting at a potential trade involving Mitch Marner. His speculative announcements have set tongues wagging in the sports world.

A Hinted Trade Between Leafs and Hurricanes

Berger has brought to light potential trade negotiations between the Leafs and the Carolina Hurricanes for Mitch Marner. Even though he remains tight-lipped about the trade's specifics, he does disclose his preferred acquisition from the Hurricanes' side.

Possible Swap: Marner for Jaccob Slavin?

A straight swap of Marner for Slavin seems complex, considering their respective cap hits - $10.9m for Marner and a mere $5.3m for Slavin. Both have two years remaining on their contracts. However, the proposition of Marner (with 50% cap hit retained) for Slavin one-on-one might be a hard sell even for Carolina.

Exploring Other Trade Possibilities

In the event of Carolina's firm interest in acquiring Marner, they might have to consider parting ways with a potentially promising young forward like Martin Necas or Seth Jarvis. This would also necessitate involving a defenseman like Brett Pesce and some additional picks/prospects which, despite Marner being an incredible asset to any team, is a high price to pay.

A hypothetical trade scenario that includes Marner and is more manageable would look something like this:

Mitch Marner

Brett Pesce
Seth Jarvis
2023 first-round pick
2024 second-round pick

While it doesn't involve Slavin, this deal could be more valuable. It includes elements that Carolina may be more willing to negotiate.

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Leafs Insider Proposes a Whopping Blockbuster Trade With One of the Core Fours

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