Top contending teams become favorites to land Patrick Kane in free agency

Graham Montgomery
June 1, 2024  (7:18 PM)

Detroit Red Wings forward Patrick Kane giving his exit interview after the season ended
Photo credit: Detroit Red Wings

According to the betting odds, the Detroit Red Wings are the favorites to sign Patrick Kane this summer, but several other teams have emerged as top contenders as well.

Based on the betting odds, the Red Wings have about a 47% chance to re-sign Kane. However, one might imagine that the team would have signed him already if it was a done deal. After all, the Red Wings did not make the playoffs, so their offseason began a long time ago. This could open the door for other teams to sign the superstar on July 1st. The teams with the best odds are the Bruins, Avalanche, and Stars.
The three teams other than #LGRW with the best betting odds to land Patrick Kane are #NHLBruins, #GoAvsGo, and #TexasHockey
Each of the teams listed above are thought to be serious contenders for the Stanley Cup next season. The Avalanche just won a cup in 2022, the Bruins were in the finals as recently as 2019, and the Stars have made the Western Conference final in back-to-back years. They also made the Cup finals in 2020.
That being said, the decision will ultimately come down to what Kane wants. He did make a statement on his personal X account at the end of the season that gave a somewhat mixed message.
Thank you Red Wings, my teammates, coaches and all the fans of Hockey Town for welcoming me and my family with open arms this season. This past year gave us memories we'll never forget. The work doesn't stop. #LGRW
On the one hand, this sounds like a player that will not be returning to the team. The thank you probably would have waited if that was his intention. On the other hand, the last bit where he says, "The work doesn't stop," could be an indication that he is ready to get back to the grind with the team again next year. We will just have to wait and see what the summer has in store for Kane and his fans.