Jon Cooper shares his thoughts on the hiring of Craig Berube

Julien Trekker
June 1, 2024  (2:07 PM)

Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Jon Cooper in a press conference.
Photo credit: Screenshot

The Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Jon Cooper shared his thoughts on the Toronto Maple Leafs' decision to hire Craig Berube as their head coach.

In Toronto, the Maple Leafs made an important decision a few weeks ago: to replace Sheldon Keefe by Craig Berube.
Berube, who's been in the NHL for nearly 40 years (including his playing career), has a great reputation around the League. He's respected by his peers, including Jon Cooper, head coach of the Lightning.
Cooper, in an interview on Leafs Morning Take, had some great words for Berube. He talked about how he hates to see friends joining teams in his division and how Berube is a great coach that can get the best out of his players. He also shared his thoughts on Sheldon Keefe's firing.
In his own words:
"I have a solid friendship with him. I hate when these guys come into our division and I'm buddies with them. But I think he's a hell of a coach. I think he gets the best out of his players."

"Honestly, I thought Sheldon Keefe did a heck of a job there. We played him the last two years in the playoffs and they were a hard team. But Craig will be a different voice for them."

"He's an honest coach. If fans of the team want to get the most out of their players and have them... I know the way he's going to play and it's going to be hard to play against. But the one thing he'll make sure he gets out of the guys is an honest effort. That's what Craig does."
Do you think the Toronto Maple Leafs made the right decision by hiring Craig Berube as their head coach?