IIHF Unveils Rule Changes To Boost Scoring: Is The NHL Next In Line?

Tyler Ball
September 1, 2023  (5:47 PM)

The IIHF has always been a lab for experimenting with rule changes. Often times at least in the modern day if the NHL changes a rule it was likely inspired by a IIHF rule that preceded it. Now the IIHF has instituted several changes that could make their way to the NHL in the future.

IIHF Rule Changes

The IIHF announced several new rule changes that will go into effect for the Champions Hockey League that takes place in Europe. According to Gord Miller, three new rule changes are coming and all are aimed at making the games more high-scoring and exciting.
The new rules are as follows:

• A team will remain shorthanded even if the opposing team score a goal.
• A minor penalty will be served even if a goal is scored while a delayed penalty is pending.
• If a shorthanded team scores, the minor penalty against will end.

All of these rule changes pertain to when teams take penalties. They change the foundation of how penalties are served in a game.

New Powerplay Rules Change The Game

A team no longer gets out of serving the rest of a penalty when they are scored on. A goal on a delayed penalty no longer prevents a powerplay from happening. Finally, if a shorthanded team scores their penalty ends.
This will likely lead shorthanded teams to take more chances. If they want a penalty kill to be over they have to go score or wait for the time to tick down. High-powered powerplays are also rewarded. If a team is able to score 2 or even 3 goals in two-minute powerplay they are now allowed to.
The NHL should absolutely consider making these changes. More offense is always good when attracting casual fans. It would also increase the importance of having a good powerplay. Plus how fun would it be to get to see Alex Ovechkin score multiple goals on the same powerplay?
While we likely won't see the NHL adopt these rules anytime soon it is fun to think about what the record could be for most goals scored on one powerplay.