Gary Bettman Loses Potential Millions after Huge Mistake

Published August 29, 2023 at 8:29

Gary Bettman is back in the limelight, but for all the wrong reasons.


Bettman's Financial Mistake

Allan Walsh, the famous player agent, shared the following on Twitter:

"The NHL is going into its 3rd year of its 7-year media rights deal with ESPN. Since that time, ESPN's subscriber base has fallen from 80 million to 45 million. Disney (parent company of ESPN) is now actively searching for a «strategic partner» for the network."

Due to a deal made by Bettman, the NHL stands to lose millions of potential viewers.

Bally Sports, one of their other major partners, filing for bankruptcy further complicates matters, as this could severely impact NHL's viewership partnerships.

"Also, Bally Sports just announced pending bankruptcy which will apparently affect 12 NHL teams. With Bally owning $55M in media rights, it's likely that this affects the salary cap.

Mistakes after Mistakes...

Since his appointment as NHL commissioner in 1993, Bettman has been instrumental in generating significant revenue for team owners.

Regrettably, his recent track record suggests a reversal of that trend.

Bettman's series of poor decisions indicate a lack of understanding of the modern business landscape.

With four more years to go on the NHL's contract with ESPN, one can only hope that a more adept decision-maker will be in position by the time a new agreement is negotiated.

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Gary Bettman Loses Potential Millions after Huge Mistake

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