Matt Rempe to face suspension for dangerous hit on Trevor Van Riemsdyk

Graham Montgomery
April 26, 2024  (8:50 PM)

Washington Capitals defenseman Trevor Van Riemsdyk taking a hit from Matt Rempe
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Rangers rookie Matt Rempe has certainly had an impact in the series against the Washington Capitals so far. Tonight though, he may have gone a step too far as he made a hit on Trevor Van Riemsdyk that could get him a call from the Department of Player Safety.

Rempe was given just a minor penalty for the hit that came early in game three against the Capitals. Fan reaction was mixed, with many thinking that the play should not have been a penalty at all. However, others thought the play warranted something more than just a minor penalty.
Rempe's called for interference for this hit on TvR
Fans with the later opinion could very well have the upper hand with the Department of Player Safety. After all, Rempe already has a history, having been suspended four games towards the end of the regular season. Furthermore, the Capitals announced later in the game that Van Riemsdyk would not return to the contest, as he is out with an upper-body injury, almost certainly sustained on the hit from Rempe.
Capitals say Trevor van Riemsdyk will not return with an upper-body injury -- already missing Nick Jensen and Rasmus Sandin
The DoPS does factor in the result of the play when determining whether or not a player will get a suspension for a given play. That being said, this hit was borderline. Perhaps though, the league will look at it not as interreference, but as an illegal check to the head. We will just have to wait and see how things play out.