Auston Matthews Opens Up About His Injuries

Published March 15, 2023 at 11:00
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This year, Auston Matthews hasn't been performing poorly, but he has been experiencing some setbacks. In a recent interview with Jonas Siegel from The Athletic, Matthews opened up about his injury, recovery, and his positive outlook for the future.

Matthews Opens Up About His Injuries

Matthews explained his injury as follows:

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«It was bothering me,» Matthews told me. «It just felt like something was off. I just felt like not completely, like I wasn't able to do exactly what I wanted to at times.»

Given Matthews' playing style, which relies on quick and precise shots, being unable to perform at his desired level was a hindrance. However, he is currently on the mend and feeling better, which is a relief.

«I think my hand and everything has been feeling a lot better, just stronger,»

Matthews has recently scored his 31st goal of the season, indicating that he is regaining his form. This is excellent news, especially since he is expected to be fully recovered and ready to compete in the playoffs.

As read on The Athletic - Auston Matthews opens up about the hand injury that's hampered him
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