Boston Bruins Forward Leads the League in a Troubling Stat

Published March 14, 2023 at 3:09 PM
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Boston Bruins forward David Pastrnak could have been a contender for the Hart Trophy for the Most Valuable Player, if not for Connor McDavid's impressive season. Pastrnak's outstanding performance this season has secured him a place as one of the top three finalists for the award. However, concerns have been raised by The Onlybruins Podcast, which highlighted that Pastrnak leads the league in turnovers.

"I understand pasta leads the league in turnovers but look at the names in Close company. It's going to happen when the best player on a team has the puck on his stick often. Pasta will get better every year with it and he will continue to score. Breath #NHLBruins fans"

The podcast acknowledged that the league's top players tend to feature high on this list due to their possession of the puck. Brad Marchand, another player on the Bruins, also ranks in the top 20 in this category with 61 turnovers. However, Pastrnak's stick-handling skills are a key factor in his high number of turnovers, as he often loses possession of the puck due to his moves, which recently resulted in a turnover that led to the Red Wings scoring.

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Despite this issue, Pastrnak remains a top performer in the league, ranking second in goals with 46 and fourth in points with 88 this season.

The podcast remains optimistic that Pastrnak will continue to improve and be a valuable asset to the Bruins in the future.

As read on Hockeypatrol - "Boston Bruins Winger Leads NHL in a Concerning Stat"
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