Brian Burke Sends A Threat To Gary Bettman And The League

Published August 7, 2023 at 9:28 PM

The NHL has had a long history of being a physical and brutal game. In recent years the league has been trying to make it safer to play. One of these changes in regard to safety is the debate about outlawing fighting.

Fighting In The NHL

Fighting has been a big part of hockey since its inception. Two players exchange punches and get five minutes in the box to think about their actions. Over the last several years the NHL and society as a whole have been realizing the effects of those short fights on player's brains. This has led to a ton of debate as to whether fighting is an essential part of the game.

Burke Speaks On Fighting

Veteran NHL general manager Brian Burke put in his opinion on fighting and its place in the current game.

I will personally fight anyone who tries to get rid of fighting. I'll kick their ass.

These strong comments in favor of fighting are sure to spark debate. There are many on each side of the aisle and the debates will most likely continue for years before decisions are made.

Fighting does bring a unique aspect to hockey that no other sport has. The league and sport as a whole will need to find a middle ground that leaves the physicality but brings in safety to consideration.
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Brian Burke Sends A Threat To Gary Bettman And The League

Will fighting be banned by the NHL?

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