Unexpected Turnaround in the William Nylander Contract Negotiations

Published August 7, 2023 at 7:40 PM

After a long-reported stalemate between Nylander and the Leafs, things seem to be looking up for contract talks.

Turning the Page

It was reported that Nylander was asking for up to $10 million, money that frankly the Leafs don't have room for. GM Brad Treliving was hoping that the number would be between $8 and $9 million.

Nylander and Treliving

After a long standstill, TLN is reporting that the two parties have begun talks again. It's not clear which side may be budging, but one can assume that it is Nylander's party, as the Leafs just don't have the cap space to make an offer high enough to bring him back to the table.


That is, unless they are looking to create space elsewhere through potential trade, or letting other free agents walk for a lower price. As the situation drags on, though, it will only get messier.

As read on "Hockey Patrol - "BREAKING: Massive Update For William Nylander In Toronto"
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Unexpected Turnaround in the William Nylander Contract Negotiations

Will Nylander's Next Contract be Over or Under 9.5 Million AAV?

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