BREAKING: Connor Bedard Refuses Offer to Represent Team Canada

Published April 21, 2023 at 7:04 PM
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Connor Bedard: Canada's Sweetheart No More?

Connor Bedard, once hailed as Canada's sweetheart due to his impressive performances in international tournaments, may have just tarnished his reputation with a recent decision.

Bedard Declines to Participate in Men's World Hockey Championships

NHL insider Jeff Marek broke the news that Canadian draft sensation Connor Bedard will not be representing his home nation in the upcoming Men's World Hockey Championships. Fans were left disappointed as Bedard opted not to play for either the U18 team or the Men's team.

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This news comes as a surprise for many fans who were eager to watch Bedard compete alongside adult players for the first time. Now, they will have to wait for his NHL debut to witness that.

Reasons Behind Bedard's Decision Remain Unclear

The exact reasons for Bedard's refusal to play in the tournament are yet to be confirmed. However, it has been speculated that he might be trying to avoid potential injuries before the draft, where he is widely expected to be the 1st overall pick.

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