Golden Knights embarrassed on Social Media after playoff exit

Marvin Azrak
May 6, 2024  (8:24)

A Vegas Golden Knights meme
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Well, Vegas, brace yourselves for the aftermath. The memes were flying fast and furious as the reigning champs, the Vegas Golden Knights, bowed out in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs with a 2-1 loss to the Dallas Stars in Game 7 on Sunday.

Fans wasted no time pointing fingers, bringing up the team's salary cap gymnastics by bringing Mark Stone and his $9.5 million salary off LTIR, pushing them a cool $8.72 million over the cap.
Vegas Golden Knights traded away

- 2025 First
- 2026 First
- 2024 3rd
- Daniil Miromanov
- 2024 2nd
- 2026 6th

For Hertl, Hanifin, Mantha

All to get bullied by 20 year old Wyatt Johnston and knocked out in the first round
This is what $16M over the cap gets you
Even Tampa Bay Lightning fans got in action saying back-back cups aren't for everyone back-to-back Cups are no walk in the park, making their feat of winning two in just 10 months all the more impressive.
Sure, this loss stings, but let's not forget last year's glory—those epic summer celebrations, the parade pics, and that shiny banner hanging proud at T-Mobile Arena. The memories are forever, no matter how this season ended, and given the current core, you'll likely be back.
This season didn't end with a parade or banner, but it was great spending the year celebrating the Cup with an amazing community of VGK fans! I'm forever grateful that my idea of tossing pink flamingos on the ice after Golden Knights victories has become a #VegasBorn  tradition.🦩
Embrace the hate, Vegas fans. It wouldn't be there if everyone didn't think the team was still a threat.