Leaked Video Of Mark Stone Ahead Of Game 1 Is Causing Concern

Published May 3, 2023 at 12:10

Mark Stone's Injury Update Raises Concerns

Mark Stone, who underwent back surgery in January and made a surprising return for the playoffs, has left fans worried after a video leaked showing him visibly troubled by an injury.

Leaked Video Shows Stone Struggling Ahead of Game 1

A video of Vegas' practice was released yesterday, revealing the Golden Knights' captain, Mark Stone, seemingly struggling with an injury.

Head coach Bruce Cassidy, however, provided some reassurance during an interview, saying,

"Assume everything is good, haven't heard any differently."

Did Stone Rush Back Into the Game Too Soon?

It remains a possibility that Mark Stone may have returned to the game too quickly, with his injury not being fully healed. If this is the case, it could spell bad news for the Vegas Golden Knights.

As the series against the Oilers begins tonight, more information about Stone's condition should become available.

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Leaked Video Of Mark Stone Ahead Of Game 1 Is Causing Concern

If Mark Stone really is injured, will he be a detriment to the team?

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