Milan Lucic Shares the One Team He'd Like to Play For Before Retirement

Published May 30, 2023 at 2:57 PM

Milan Lucic is far from his days as a core piece on the Bruins roster or any roster for that matter. His value today lies more in his grit and effort, and he can still be a valuable depth piece on a contending team, but he's no longer the top-of-the-market asset he used to be. As his lengthy career begins to come to a close, Lucic has revealed where he most wants to play.

Lucic Wants to Play For Vancouver

In a recent interview with Rick Dhaliwal, Lucic was asked about the prospect of playing for his hometown Canucks before he calls it a career. He had the following to say.

"It is every hometown boys dream to play for the hometown team. We will see what happens if they call." - Milan Lucic

Lucic enters free agency this summer, and since it's unlikely he returns to Calgary at this point, he'll be looking for the next city he can call home. It seems like the Vancouver Canucks, who are in an incredibly awkward position right now, could use a safe, reliable player such as Lucic to balance out their roster.

It wouldn't be the first time in his career that Lucic played in Vancouver, as he spent his junior days in the WHL with the Vancouver Giants. Look out for the Canucks as a landing spot for Lucic this summer.

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Milan Lucic Shares the One Team He'd Like to Play For Before Retirement

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