Doctor reveals that Auston Matthews could have a serious knee injury

Tyler Ball
May 3, 2024  (1:44 PM)

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Auston Matthews lining up for a faceoff during a road game in the NHL.
Photo credit: NESN

Today a new interaction on social media involving a doctor has revealed what injury Auston Matthews might be dealing with. If the doctor is correct Auston Matthews could be looking at a major recovery time.

Auston Matthews has been missing from the Toronto Maple Leafs lineup for multiple games now. Today a new back and forth including a doctor has speculated on the injury that is keeping Auston Matthews out of the lineup. The discussion first began with a fan post speculating on the injury.
In my opinion, Auston Matthews probably tore something in his right leg on this play.

I watched his shifts after this play in game 3 and in game 4 and he looked noticeably slower and had much less jump. Tons of torque on the front and inside of the right knee, MCL/LCL tear?
In the replies to this post on X Dr. Jesse Morse an expert on knee, hip, and shoulder injuries chimed in. He believes that Auston Matthews could be dealing with a significant MCL or ACL injury.
Looks like the MCL was stressed.

The medial meniscus is attached to the deep fibers of the MCL so technically both could be injured.

If both are compromised sometimes the ACL can get injured too.

They're calling out with an ‘illness' for game 5 & 6 which is strange to me, so there may be more to this knee injury.
The original poster then went on to ask if this type of injury is something that Auston Matthews would be able to play through. Unfortunately for Maple Leafs fans Dr. Morse's response is not a hopeful one.

MCL stabilizes inside of knee.

Can wear brace but twisting, pivoting and trying to skate would be severely limiting if MCL / meniscus are compromised

Even grade 1's hurt bad
With all of this in mind, this is just speculation based on watching a few clips of a potential injury. As of now, the Maple Leafs continue to say Auston Matthews is out due to sickness. However, if his knee is in fact compromised it could mean a frustrating end to Auston Matthews' season and a delay to his debut again next year.