Charlie McAvoy creates controversy with nasty hit on Leafs David Kampf

Tyler Ball
May 3, 2024  (12:41)

Boston Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy hitting Toronto Maple Leafs forward David Kampf into the boards.
Photo credit: Screenshot

Last night during a crucial Game 6 between the Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs controversy occurred when Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy laid a big hit on Maple Leaf David Kampf. The hit has now caused outrage on social media.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are always known for being more physical than regular season games. However last night Boston Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy took things a step too far with a clear hit to the head.
Charlie McAvoy with a big hit on David Kampf.
The hit would cause David Kampf to have to leave the game for a period of time due to a bloody nose sustained from the hit by Charlie McAvoy.
David Kampf is left with a bloody nose after Charlie McAvoy catches him behind the net
Despite the head contact there was no penalty called on the play. This led to debate on social media over whether or not the play in question was a penalty with opinions on both sides.
Great clean reverse hit! Tell Kampf to stop puck watching and keep his head up
Leading with your elbow and hitting someone in the head isn't a «reverse hit» or clean, it's elbowing at the very least
With a f****** elbow! If that was Matt Rempe everyone would wanna run him outta the league..again
Regardless of the outrage from fans, there was no penalty called on the play and there is no extra discipline expected from the league. One has to wonder if this is a play that the Maple Leafs will bring up to the NHL to review and further understand why nothing was called.