Rodion Amirov's Agent Opens Up on the Player's Last Months

Julien Trekker
August 16, 2023  (10:48)

Rodion Amirov left us too early, departing this world on Monday at the age of 21. The hockey community has been shaken and deeply saddened by this news. His agent, Dan Milstein, recently provided insight into Amirov's battle against brain cancer over the last few months.

The Battle of Amirov


Amirov was diagnosed with a brain tumor nearly two years ago. The lack of recent updates on his condition made his passing all the more shocking.
In a statement, his agent Dan Milstein disclosed the severity of Amirov's condition in recent months. Despite the worsening disease, Amirov remained positive. He even lost his ability to walk as a result of the illness.
"The worsening of the disease happened in October 2022. At that time, doctors in Toronto gave Rodion only six months. It was a fourth-degree cancer - a brain tumor.

He returned to Russia, where doctors in Skolkovo fought for his life for another 10 months. But two weeks ago, they were powerless. Then they came to the decision to take Rodion to Germany, where there was a last, ghostly chance for treatment. And now he was gone...

But the boy fought on. For a year and a half, since February 2022, no matter how bad it was for him, when he could not walk and lost his sight, he never complained about anything.

He came to Toronto in October, not just to get treatment, but to train. He really wanted to get back into hockey. As I remember, I got a call from Toronto general manager Kyle Dubas along with Canadian doctors at 1:18 a.m.: 'Come get the boy, accompany him to his home country. If you don't get him now, he may never come home again.' It got very serious.....

We drove from the airport to my place in Miami to pack. We spent two days at the beach so the guy could unwind. I asked him, 'Rodion, how are you?' - 'I'm fine, more worried about my parents.'

He only thought of others. He didn't whine, he fought. And he tried to face each day with a positive attitude, with a smile. Although he lost his eyesight about six months ago and couldn't walk." - Milstein on Amirov's worsening state


Milstein's words truly capture the bravery and resilience Amirov displayed. Despite losing his physical abilities, his spirit remained unbroken.
For many, a stage four brain tumor would be overwhelming, but by all accounts, Amirov never wanted the focus on himself and never complained.
He was more concerned about his parents than about his own well-being. Such a young man, who showed such remarkable courage and selflessness in his battle, deserves to be celebrated and remembered with honor.