Report: Leafs Are no Longer Interested in Top Pairing Defenseman

Published July 23, 2023 at 9:04 PM
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The Toronto Maple Leafs feel as though they need to make some big changes if they are to take the next step in the Eastern Conference playoffs, but reportedly, they've changed their mind on a top star.

Toronto out on Brett Pesce


While the team is seemingly in on chasing the reigning Norris Trophy winner, it's been reported that they are out on Carolina Hurricanes top pairing defenceman Brett Pesce.

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With no extension talk between Pesce and the Hurricanes, the trade speculation has begun, and with just one-year left on his deal at $4.025 million, the Leafs made sense as a potential destination.

What are their other options?

Fortunately for Toronto fans, there's still plenty of options out there, with the likes of Erik Karlsson and Noah Hanifin available via trade, so before the 2023-24 season begins, they'll circle back on a few big names.

With a talented group, it could be smaller changes that help the Leafs take the next step, but the longer an extension on William Nylander takes, the more trade rumours will circulate, so keep an eye on Toronto in the coming weeks.

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