New Leafs Gm Gives Major Update On Sheldon Keefe's Future In Toronto

Published June 1, 2023 at 8:00 PM
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After yesterday's announcement that Brad Treliving had been hired as the new General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs, the team officially introduced him through a press conference where he interacted with the media.

Treliving Meets Leafs Nation

Naturally, there were numerous questions regarding Treliving's plans to improve the team, potential trades involving the core players, and the future of head coach Sheldon Keefe.

Sheldon Keefe's Furture Uncertain In Toronto

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Considering Keefe's close relationship with former GM Kyle Dubas, who has now joined the Pittsburgh organization, Leafs Nation is eager to know if Keefe will continue as the coach or if there will be a new appointment.

Treliving addressed these concerns, stating,

"One of the top priorities, among others, is to have a discussion with Keefe and decide who will be leading the team from the bench next season."

He further mentioned, "I don't have a previous relationship with Sheldon. However, I've had the opportunity to talk to him, and he is one of the important aspects we need to consider."

Treliving acknowledged that this is a "unique situation" and admitted that he will need time to familiarize himself with Keefe before making any decisions.

"My initial impression of Sheldon is that he is a highly competent coach," Treliving commented. "But determining a person's true capabilities requires working alongside them and getting to know them. So, we will sit down and thoroughly evaluate the situation."

As Toronto's head coach, Keefe boasts an impressive record of 166 wins, 71 losses, and 30 overtime or shootout losses over his three-and-a-half seasons. He currently has one year remaining on his contract.

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