Mitch Marner Responds to Media‘s Questions About the Mike Babcock Situation

Arron Murphy
September 20, 2023  (6:00 PM)

Mike Babcock's Recent Controversy and How it Affects Mitch Marner


Mike Babcock has recently dominated the NHL news cycle, facing allegations of invading players' privacy by rummaging through their phones. In response to these accusations, one of Babcock's former players, Mitch Marner, has been asked by the media to share his experiences.
During Babcock's last NHL coaching stint, which ended controversially, allegations of player mistreatment surfaced. Marner, in particular, had a notable clash with Babcock during their time together from 2016 to 2020. One incident involved Marner being asked by Babcock to rank his teammates based on work ethic, and this ranking was then disclosed to the team. This incident ultimately played a role in Babcock's departure from the team.
Marner was asked if Mike Babcock ever asked to see any personal pictures; says he won't get into the saga, that any issues with the coach are in the past where he's concerned.
Marner has now opened up about these allegations and his past with Mike Babcock, providing insight during an interview. Marner appears to be focused on the future, distancing himself from the turbulent times under Babcock's coaching.
"Whatever happened, happened."

-#Leafsforever Marner re his history with Mike Babcock. Understandably did not want to elaborate.
Mitch Marner, asked if Mike Babcock ever asked him for his phone:

"I don't really want to comment on that too much. Whatever happened, happened...He's not with our team anymore. My focus is not on any other team or any other person."

The Future of the Toronto Maple Leafs Aside From This Controversy


With the Babcock story in their rearview mirror, the Toronto Maple Leafs are set to embark on the 2023-24 season. Under new leadership, the team's dynamics may shift. While Sheldon Keefe remains at the helm, some changes in personnel could introduce fresh elements to their game.
Mitch Marner, in particular, aims to build upon his outstanding performance in the previous season. In 2022-23, he achieved a career high with 99 points in 80 games, including 30 goals. Should Marner continue to progress and breach the 100-point milestone, it would further solidify his place in the Maple Leafs' core.
Equally important is Marner's performance in the playoffs. He displayed a strong showing in 2023, amassing 14 points in 11 games. Sustaining or enhancing this level of play could significantly bolster the Maple Leafs' chances of contending for the ultimate prize.