Latest Update on William Nylander's Future with the Toronto Maple Leafs

Julien Trekker
June 13, 2023  (11:06)

Can Toronto Keep Its Key Players?

In Toronto, it won't be an easy task to deal with the salary cap and to manage the contracts of their important players.
Two players, William Nylander and Auston Matthews, are likely to be considered for trades because they will become free agents soon.
Their upcoming contracts could be expensive, making it difficult for Toronto to keep all their top players unless they make a trade with another team.
Nylander's contract demands make the situation even more complicated.

Speculating about Nylander's Future Contract

Despite the rumors, Nylander seems determined to stay in Toronto. However, he might have to accept a slightly lower salary. Some people say he wants a contract with an average yearly value of $9 million.
The insider Chris Johnston recently shared his thoughts:
"I don't know what the number is - probably somewhere with a 9 in it. That might sound like a lot but he's making almost $7M right now. Once that cap starts jumping, we'll have a different view of what a $9M contract is. I believe Nylander wants to stay in Toronto. He's coming off a great season, a pretty established player... I think he wants to stay and there's a way to make it happen."
Nylander's performances in the past season justify his demands. He had an impressive 87 points, including 40 goals. It's reasonable for him to ask for a higher salary than his current $6.96 million.
Considering the expected increase in the salary cap next year and the fact that John Tavares' $11 million contract will be off the books by 2025, Nylander's desire for a $9 million long-term contract doesn't seem impossible.