Fans Shocked by Jeremy Roenick's Major Revelation Regarding the Maple Leafs

Pat Quinn
October 19, 2023  (9:06)

Jeremy Roenick has always been well-known for his outrageous opinions and penchant for airing his views in public. This side of him resumed again as he discussed the Toronto Maple Leafs with Leafs Morning Take on October 18.

Roenick on the Leafs

Roenick joined Leafs Morning Take to discuss the NHL and the state of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Roenick was asked his opinion on why the Maple Leafs have struggled to succeed recently.
"It's a lot that comes with the pressure of being in probably one of the biggest hockey markets. The pressure can get to them. The media is on them 100%. It's in their face 24/7, and when they get in these games, instead of having that Killer Instinct.

I think the mentality comes in like, 'Oh no, what if we lose this again? What if this happens again? What if, what if, what if?' And I don't know if it's a generational thing, the kids today and how they approach games, how they think, how they prepare, what they worry about, what they fear."

Roenick may have never worn the "C" in his NHL career, but he had been an Assistant Captain in seven of the 19 seasons he played in.

Roenick on the Maple Leafs' current leadership and today's generation

Roenick was asked about the Leafs' current leadership and had this to say:

"Well, I don't know how leaders deal with their teams nowadays anyway. I don't know whether they are vocal leaders, whether they're just, whether they just go out there and lead by example, whether they're afraid of yelling and screaming and offending one of their teammates or calling one of their teammates out.
I know back in the 90s and early 2000s, I had Keith Tkachuk, I had Chris Chelios. They had no problem standing up in the middle of the room and absolutely reaming you a new one and screaming and calling you out in front of your teammates, and they didn't care what you thought or your feelings."

Of course, with a question of leadership Roenick was asked about today's hockey generation and if they are soft.
"Without question. Are you kidding me? By leaps and bounds, soft. They do have their guys in the league that are tougher, that are mentally tough, that are physically tough, that are what we say are 80s and 90s type players. But 98-99% of them, you yell at them, they climb underneath the table and hide rather than standing up on the table and pounding their chest and fighting back.

Unfortunately, but I think the NHL has kind of, I mean, obviously, society has created that, but the NHL has also created that with a lot of rule changes and a lot of mentality that they try to protect players. So, some of it's their fault, some of it's not."

Many Toronto Maple Leafs' fans that tuned in, obviously hope Roenick is right in his prediction about the Maple Leafs.