Disgraced Former NHL Referee Disses Kyle Dubas Publicly

Published May 20, 2023 at 8:44

Disgraced former NHL referee, Tim Peel, is a known controversial figure in the hockey community and he is up to no good once again.

Peel Disses Dubas Publicly

Tim Peel was known in the NHL community as a ref who would game manage and sometimes hold grudges against certain players or teams letting it affect his work.

Now, Peel is known more for his antics on social media and how he harassed teenage refs at a youth hockey game.

Yesterday, Peel tweeted out this:

Peel comes in with a drastic approach of results are the only thing that matters and while that is true to an extent, certain times, especially in hockey, the results do not reflect the reality.

Is Peel Doing This For A Reaction?

Most likely he is. In the tweet he mentions former Canadiens GM, Marc Bergevin, whom Canadiens fans have ripped on for years for his poor moves from drafting poorly to over correcting through free agency.

With discussing Dubas, bringing up Bergevin is almost completely irrelevant and he is clearly only doing this to garner a traction out of the two largest (and arguably most passionate) NHL fan bases.
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Disgraced Former NHL Referee Disses Kyle Dubas Publicly

Is Peel doing this for a reaction?

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