BREAKING: Tony DeAngelo Suspended For Spearing Corey Perry

Published March 8, 2023 at 3:55 PM
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The Department of Player Safety has taken strict action against Tony DeAngelo for his misconduct in the game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. DeAngelo has been subjected to severe punishment for his actions.

DeAngelo Suspended!

DeAngelo made a brazen move in the game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, as he speared Corey Perry during a scrum in front of the net. A video of the incident has been circulating on social media and shows the extent of DeAngelo's actions.

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DeAngelo has been handed a two-game suspension by the Department of Player Safety, in the hope that he will take it as a learning opportunity.

What This Means For Philadelphia

While the Flyers are still vying for a top draft pick, having DeAngelo on the team's top defensive pairing could potentially be a positive development. However, there is little reason to believe that he will improve his behavior, given his past conduct.

It is important that DeAngelo takes steps to become a better player and person.
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