Tampa Bay Lightning player Nikita Kucherov at the All-Stars Skills Competition teasing the crowd.
Photo credit: TSN

League Officials Furious with Nikita Kucherov's Behaviour During Skills Competition Which Could Result in a Suspension

Published February 4, 2024 at 10:36
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One of the stories that got a lot of attention over the All-Star Weekend was Nikita Kucherov during the Skills competition.

Kucherov Under Fire for Not Giving Enough Effort in Skills Competition


There's no doubt that Kucherov deserved to be there, as the top scorer in the league. However, he simply didn't want to be there and didn't give any effort whatsoever.

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Check out what happened:

Many people were frustrated to see him act this way, including people from the NHL.

NHL Representatives Frustrated at Kucherov After Skills Competition


In a statement, a reporter from TVA Sports mentionned that Kucherov's actions weren't appreciated by some people in the league.

"I saw league representatives [after Kucherov's actions], and they were not very, very happy. It was a lack of respect and a lack of class towards hockey. I feel like he loved it even more; the crowd was booing him, and he took even more time." - Via TVA Sports

What Kucherov did was a total lack of class and he should have gave his best in the challenges. If not for him, or for the game, do it for the fans who paid a hefty price to see him walk around the ice and do nothing.

Some people are calling him out on social medias, saying he should be suspended for what he did.

Do you think Kucherov should be suspended?

As seen on All Habs - Suspension to come for a player following the skills competition? That's exactly what is being called for Kucherov
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