Scout Proposes League-Altering Trade

Published March 31, 2023 at 10:26
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Dealing with a generational star's departure is challenging to envision. Regrettably, as this generation's stars' careers decline, moves are inevitable.

Scout Suggests Sidney Crosby Trade

For almost two decades, Sidney Crosby has been a cornerstone of the Pittsburgh Penguins. With three Stanley Cups under his belt, he has been one of the most esteemed captains in the league since the age of 20.

Although he remains an exceptional player, his team is deteriorating. It's clear that the yearly roster reshuffling is not a long-term solution, and by the time Crosby's twelve-year contract ends in 2024-25, the Penguins may need to explore alternatives for their franchise legend.

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Crosby, a Montreal Canadiens fan growing up in the Maritimes, has previously expressed interest in playing for Montreal. With the Canadiens aiming to be competitive in a few seasons, the two timelines could align.

Aaron Itovitch, an editor and Canadiens scout at DobberProspects, has put forward a game-changing Crosby trade to Montreal.

Pens might suck in three years. Habs might not suck. Crosby grew up a Habs fan. He'll be a pending UFA. We'll have young tradable assets.

Just sayin'

It would be fitting for the Penguins to acquire new foundational pieces in exchange for their long-standing captain. The Canadiens could offer this, and Crosby could fulfill his childhood dream by concluding his career closer to home.

While it's difficult to picture this scenario, we must wait to see whether Crosby ultimately retires as a Pittsburgh Penguin.

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