Kyle Dubas Reveals Major Information Regarding The Leafs

James Connelly
August 10, 2023  (12:59)

Kyle Dubas has accidentally revealed some massive information regarding his time as the Leafs' GM.

Dubas' Biggest Trade

The NHL was rocked recently by the Pittsburgh Penguins' bold move in acquiring Erik Karlsson from the San Jose Sharks. This trade not only shifted the Eastern Conference dynamics but also spurred discussions about team strategies in pursuing top-tier talent.
Kyle Dubas, the former GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs and current GM of the Pittsburgh Penguins, shed light on the process behind Karlsson's move.

Unintended Information Leak by Dubas

After the Karlsson trade, Dubas shared intriguing details about his time in Toronto. While not a complete account, his comments hinted at the complex negotiation and decision-making involved in pursuing players like Karlsson. Dubas' transparency, even accidental, ignited discussions on how insider knowledge can impact trade dynamics and rival teams' strategies.
"It was a fairly lengthy process that goes back to my previous employment, even though he's in his early thirties, he continues to be one of the top skaters in the NHL and obviously, his offense is quite prolific." - Kyle Dubas


Dubas' revelation holds weight. The fact that the Leafs were also vying for Karlsson's acquisition could have pressured Dubas to secure the deal in Pittsburgh. It highlights the competitiveness of NHL front offices, where landing star players can define a season's success. Dubas' accidental disclosure raises questions about its impact on future trades, prompting discussions about clear guidelines for sharing sensitive information within the league.
While the exact package Dubas offered as Leafs GM remains undisclosed, it's likely less valuable than what he proposed as Penguins GM.
This situation prompts us to ask whether Dubas' revelation breaches tampering rules, as having inside information on another team's pursuit of Karlsson appears to. The NHL's rules on tampering and confidential information aim to ensure fairness in trade negotiations. Dubas' unintended reveal might lead the league to review these rules, maintaining fair play and integrity in the NHL.