Player Left Motionless on the Ice After Dirty Hit From Matthew Tkachuk

Published April 7, 2023 at 9:42
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When the Tkachuk siblings go head-to-head, you can bet that things are going to heat up. Unfortunately, in their latest clash, a player ended up lying motionless on the ice.

Controversial Tkachuk Hit Leaves DeBrincat Motionless

High expectations were placed on Matthew Tkachuk when the Calgary Flames acquired him in exchange for 115-point scorer Jonathan Huberdeau, top-pairing defenseman Mackenzie Weegar, a first-round pick, and prospect Cole Schwindt.

A full season later, Tkachuk has not only met but surpassed those expectations, positioning himself as a potential Hart Trophy contender.

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His younger brother, Brady, is one of the NHL's youngest captains and has enjoyed an impressive season himself.

In a recent showdown between the Panthers and Senators, the Tkachuk brothers faced off, and things took a turn for the worse.

Matthew delivered a crushing hit on Alex DeBrincat, leaving him lying motionless on the ice.

The game saw a total of ten ejections and an astonishing 168 combined penalty minutes, making it one of the wildest encounters of the season. Thankfully, it appears that DeBrincat has not sustained any serious injuries.

As reported on Hawks Insider - Former Blackhawks Superstar Lays Motionless After Getting Steamrolled
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