Chris Wideman Addresses 2017 Video Controversy

Elliot Ben Jacob
May 10, 2023  (1:21 PM)

Chris Wideman's Scandal and its Aftermath

Back in 2017, Chris Wideman was caught up in a scandal involving several Ottawa Senators players who were recorded in an Uber, trash-talking their teammates and coaches.
The fallout led to Wideman being traded between teams and eventually signing with the KHL for a year. He later returned to the NHL with the Montreal Canadiens, but the incident still lingers and will most likely continue to have an effect on his career for the foreseeable future.

Wideman Opens Up About the Video and Its Impact

Chris Wideman recently appeared on the Cam & Strick podcast to discuss the notorious video and its repercussions. He shared:
"What I think is lost in that whole thing is, you know, we said some things and got carried away and said some things that weren't really that outside the box of what guys typically talk about. We're talking about work, we're frustrated, we were losing and it was unfair that it was taken out on one of our coaches and the way that it looked was really just very disrespectful.»

Wideman also hinted at more details, citing that there's a completely different side to the story that he does not intend to reveal for a long time:
"There's a few more things that happened that I can touch on when I retire, that happened that I don't need to bring up. But there's a whole side of this that, there was some other stuff said and recorded and released, that no one ever saw. It didn't come out of my mouth, I can say that much."

Growth and Maturity Following the Incident

Wideman's decision to discuss the incident on the podcast demonstrates his personal growth and maturity since the scandal. It's clear that he has learned from the experience and has grown as a person. Wideman currently has one more year left on his contract with the Montreal Canadiens.