Oilers Show a Complete Lack of Respect Towards Jack Campbell by Benching Him Against Former Team

Mackenzie Stern-Kolesnikow
March 11, 2023  (7:02 PM)

Tonight, the Toronto Maple Leafs will honor Jack Campbell with a video tribute, but unfortunately, Campbell will not be playing in the game. The original plan was for Campbell to start, but he will be waving from the bench instead of the crease. Speaking about his time in Toronto, Campbell said,

"The city really embraced me during my time here, and there were other great memories. Things I'll cherish my whole life. And, obviously, a big game tonight for the fellas."

Despite making $5 million per season, Campbell's dream of playing in this game has been harshly denied. When asked if it would be hard for him not to be playing, Campbell replied,
"Absolutely. You guys know that I hold myself to a pretty high standard, and it just hasn't gone that way yet this year. But I am working hard. I'll get there."

Campbell seems to be struggling, and he admits to being too hard on himself when he has a dip in his game. When asked about the goalie tandem and working off one another, Campbell responded,
"It's great for the team. Whoever is in there, you go in and try to get the two points for the team. Being confident in both guys — obviously I haven't performed to the level I know I'm capable of — but Stu's done a great job of going in and holding it down. And I know I'm going to get my game going."

Campbell's former teammates Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner expressed their love for Campbell, stating,
"We all love Soup. You (media) guys all know how nice a guy he is, how much he cares about his teammates, and the effort and work that he puts into his craft. It would be fun to go against him in a game he'll be up for."

Regarding the video tribute, Campbell said,
"I definitely appreciate all the love they've given me in my career here. I can't really imagine what it's gonna be like to be honest, until the moment happens. You know, I love all the fans here. I love my teammates and the city."

Unfortunately, Campbell will not be playing against his former team tonight in a big game.