Paul Bissonnette Shares His Thoughts on The Corey Perry Termination

Dawson McKenzie
December 7, 2023  (10:06)

Paul Bissonnette recently took to his podcast to rip apart fans for the Corey Perry rumors and how the whole thing went down.

Bissonnette Tears Fans A New One For Spreading Perry Rumors

With Corey Perry officially terminated from the Chicago Blackhawks, the organization and Perry himself have effectively shut down the disgusting rumors that were spread about Perry and Bedard.
Now, Paul Bissonnette has taken to his podcast to rip into the fans who spread the disgusting rumors. Bissonnette thinks that the people who spread these rumors are not true hockey fans.
»I was very let down with all these f***ing idiots on Twitter. Now, most of you would be like, 'What do you expect from these f***ing idiots out there all the time, just trying to stir it up?' And I was f***ing disgusted by what happened."

Bissonnette Has High Praise For Bedard and How He Has Handled Everything

Bissonnette also went on to praise Bedard for how he has handled everything that has gone down. Bedard, just 18-years-old, has been put through the ringer in his first NHL season, and has handled it like a multi-year veteran.
»I think that with what this kid already had to deal with, coming in with all this f***ing pressure on him, and then going through that media circus early on. And then to put the next star in the league through this type of sh*t, like you're not a hockey fan, in my opinion, if you're going on there, slinging it like that.

Either way, now that the rumors have been shut down, hopefully Bedard can go back to just playing hockey like he is paid to do.
As seen on The Hockey Beast - "Paul Bissonnette is absolutely furious, now says exactly what everyone is thinking after Corey Perry scandal"