Former Devils Goalie Slams Jacob Markstrom Acquisition

Marvin Azrak
June 25, 2024  (6:18 PM)

Corey Schneider, New Jersey Devils
Photo credit: ESPN

There's been a lot of chatter about the big trade this week that saw Calgary Flames' goaltender Jacob Markstrom head to the New Jersey Devils. Opinions are divided on who came out on top in this deal.

Some fans think Flames GM Craig Conroy didn't get enough in return for their top goalie. However, former Devils goaltender Corey Schneider has a different take. Recently, Schneider shared his thoughts on the NHL Network, and he wasn't too thrilled about the trade from the Devils' perspective.
The reason I'm not too thrilled about it, it seems like a short-term stop gap.

He pointed out that Markstrom, who is 34 and turning 35 soon, might be past his prime, especially considering his size.
The @NJDevils went out and got their goalie.

@BillPidto and Cory Schneider take a look at what Jacob Markstrom will be bringing to the Garden State.

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Goalies who are 6'6" don't tend to play into their late 30s very often. The wear and tear, it is a lot of moving parts and leverage.

Schneider also highlighted another downside for the Devils: losing defenseman Kevin Bahl.
Kevin Bahl is a good depth defenseman. He brings some nastiness and size to their back end, so they are gonna have to find a way to replace that.

Former #NJDevils  goaltender Cory Schneider explains why he's «not thrilled» with the Jacob Markstrom trade.

In Schneider's view, GM Tom Fitzgerald and the Devils might find themselves back at square one in a couple of years.
I'm not saying he can't for a year or two, but it just seems like a one or two-year solution... and then at that point, are you going to commit to him or restart this entire search in two years?