Tyler Toffoli Betrays Team and Expresses Support for Darryl Sutter

Published March 23, 2023 at 1:41 PM
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In recent days, numerous Calgary Flames players have voiced their opinions about Darryl Sutter through the media.

Players such as Nazem Kadri, Jonathan Huberdeau, and Jakob Pelletier have all expressed dissatisfaction with the coach. Dean Molberg of The Nation Network has also reported that several other Flames players have threatened to request trades if Sutter remains the coach next season.

However, Tyler Toffoli offers a contrasting perspective.

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Tyler Toffoli Betrays Team and Expresses Support for Darryl Sutter

During an episode of the Empty Netters podcast, Toffoli shared some positive remarks about Sutter.

Here's what he said:

«Darryl's my favorite coach I've ever had. He's the most intelligent coach. Everything he does is for a reason That's what helped me be successful in the NHL is learning under him and how to be a pro.»

Toffoli's views may not be well-received by some of his teammates who have grown weary of Sutter.

With only one year remaining on his contract, Sutter's position could be in jeopardy if the Flames fail to make the playoffs.

In such a scenario, could Sutter still find employment in the NHL despite the negative opinions? Toffoli's supportive comments may bolster

As reported by Hockey Patrol - Toffoli Betrays Team and Pledges Support for Darryl Sutter
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