Devastating update emerges for the future of the Coyotes in Arizona

Marvin Azrak
June 21, 2024  (5:17 PM)

Alex Meruelo, Arizona Coyotes
Photo credit: PHNX Sports

The Arizona State Land Department has canceled the June 27 auction for the land where Arizona Coyotes owner Alex Meruelo planned to build a new arena in Phoenix.

This decision delays the Coyotes' five-year plan to establish "Coyotes 2.0" after losing the original franchise to Ryan Smith and the Utah Hockey Club earlier this year. The 2023-24 season marked the end of the team's 28-year run in the desert.
Breaking: The Arizona State Land Department has cancelled the auction.
The state requires the Coyotes to obtain a Special Use Permit for the proposed arena before the land can be auctioned again. Meruelo must secure this permit, which allows an arena to be built, before being eligible to buy the land.
NEWS: The Arizona State Land Dept. has canceled the June 27 auction for land targeted by #Yotes  to build a new arena in Phoenix

It requests the Coyotes obtain a Special Use Permit, a requirement for proposed arena, before working to bring the land back to auction at a later date.
Here is the official statement:
After much consideration, the Arizona State Land Department (ASLD) has determined that it is
in the best interest of the Trust to cancel the auction and reorder the steps. ASLD recently confirmed that the proposed arena use will require a Special Use Permit, and as a result we are
requesting that the applicant file for and receive a Special Use Permit prior to the auction. This
affords the applicant & ASLD certainty that the applicant can build... "what it intends to build for its anchor tenant. It is not uncommon for ASLD to require applicants to secure zoning/use permits prior to auction.

We understand the delay in an auction is a disappointment for our applicant... and members of the public, but the change in timing is the prudent decision for the Trust. ASLD remains open to working with our applicant to bring the land forward to auction in the future if a special use
permit is received.