Shocking Story Emerges About Babcock's Time in Anaheim

Graham Montgomery
September 20, 2023  (9:57 PM)

Since the initial story about Mike Babcock's most recent fiasco with the Columbus Blue jackets came out we have been slowly but surely getting more information and stories from previous incidents involving the coach.

Spitting Chiclets Shares New Mike Babcock Story

Ryan Whitney, co-host of the Spitting Chiclets podcast, shared more stories he has received from players on Yesterday's episode. Most notably, he shared a story from a player who was with Anaheim when Babcock coached there.
Reportedly, Mike Babcock approached a player on the bench during warm-ups for a pre-season game. He had this to say to the player:
"this is pretty amazing isn't it?"

After the player agreed with him, Babcock continued:
"soak it in, it's the last time you'll ever be on an NHL bench."

Not only does this kind of quote demonstrate what kind of coach Babcock is, but it also shows the power dynamic between players and coaches and how Babcock was not afraid to blatantly exert his power in ways that would make many players sick.

Babcock Had Players Come To His House

Whitney also shared another story from a young player who had been invited to Babcock's house for lunch. According to the player, Babcock went through the pictures on the phone of this player and then asked him to leave without ever having lunch with him.
Inviting players over to your house when you are effectively their boss is questionable enough as it is, but this kind of behavior is completely unacceptable and it seems like it is this exact kind of behavior that got him in trouble with the Blue Jackets. So it seems that letting him step away from the hockey world might be what is best for everyone.