Potential Trade Between Edmonton and Detroit Could Help The Oilers In Goal

Dawson McKenzie
November 19, 2023  (9:33 PM)

The Edmonton Oilers are looking at the Detroit Red Wings for potential help in net, however, the price is reportedly high in order to make a deal.

Oilers Looking At Detroit's James Reimer For Help In Net in Potential Trade

The Edmonton Oilers are in a tough spot right now. After firing their coach, and moving their starting goalie to the minors, the Oilers are desperate to make a change that will turn around their season. To do this, they need to find help in net.
Reports have surfaced that they are looking at the Detroit Red Wings for this help. The Oilers have interest in James Reimer, despite his 7-team NTC. His low salary is enticing for the Oilers who are currently paying $5 million to watch Campbell play in the AHL. NHL Insider Jim Matheson says that a potential deal for Reimer will cost the Oilers handsomely.
James Reimer in Detroit would also be a target of Oilers at $1.5 mil but he has NTC too (seven teams). Plus, elephant in room is getting Holland's old student Yzerman to take back Campbell. And that would be costly (several sweeteners)...

Oilers Are Fighting An Uphill Battle To Move Campbell Out

The Jack Campbell contract is proving to haunt Ken Holland, as his deal is the biggest roadblock right now impeding the Oilers from improving in net. In order to move him, the Oilers have to add sweeteners to the deal, usually in the form of picks (first-rounders if they are desperate). With every team in the league knowing the position the Oilers are in, Holland has no leverage in making a deal.
Oilers goaltending is poor because of Ken Holland

Oilers have a poor prospect pool because of Ken Holland

Oilers are in a poor position to trade because of Ken Holland

Time to fire Knoblauch
Further, any deal they might potentially make is a risk that the Oilers are taking. They could throw away their first-rounder next year to acquire Reimer, however, it's unlikely that he is the guy to take them to the Stanley Cup championship. Then all that is left is another disappointing exit, and no draft pick next season.
It's clear the Oilers will have to do something, but unfortunately for them, doing anything is proving to be difficult.
As seen on Hockey Feed - "2 player trade proposed between Red Wings and Oilers."