Oilers fans shocked and dismayed after Stanley Cup finals ticket prices revealed

Graham Montgomery
June 5, 2024  (9:47 PM)

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Hockey fans across Canada are excited as the Oilers become the first Canadian team in over a decade to make the finals, but most have been priced out of actually attending games.

Of course, one would expect tickets to the finals of any sport's championship to be expensive. However, the prices for tickets to watch the finals in Edmonton during games 3, 4, and 6 are absolutely wild. One fan posted prices from secondary markets in excess of 1000 USD.
OMG, ticket prices to the Stanley cup finals are ridiculous
A X account by the name World Hockey Report also showed a screenshot of ticket prices for the upper bowl at Rodgers Place. The cheapest available ticket was still nearly 1900 CAD. Notably, these are all resale tickets, likely from fans that owned season tickets and got them for much cheaper. Now they are trying to resell them for a tidy profit.
These are the cheapest tickets to Game 4 in Edmonton.

What happened was season ticket holders got a presale code (cheapest was $550 ish). General public sales started at $850 and now it's all resale with people trying to put their kids through college.
That being said, the entire building was not bought up by season ticket holders. If fans were fast enough, tickets could be had at much more reasonable prices. One fan showed upper-bowl tickets being available in the 800 CAD range as early as 11AM this morning.
That was at 11am at retail pricing
That just goes to show you that the early bird gets the worm. However, it is certainly no less frustrating for fans who would like the opportunity to support their team on the biggest stage, but cannot afford to do so. They will just have to tune in on TV like the rest of us. Be sure to tune in on Saturday to see how the series starts off.