Mark Messier furious at PK Subban following comments about Oilers defense

Graham Montgomery
June 14, 2024  (9:12 PM)

Former NHL defenseman turned analyst and ESPN personality PK Subban
Photo credit: ESPN

During game three of the Stanley Cup finals, former Former NHL players PK Subban and Mark Messier where discussing the game during the second intermission when things go weird.

The Oilers played poorly in the second period, ending the frame down 4-1 after having tied the game early in the period. They allowed three straight Florida goals to not only take the lead, but add to it enough that the Oilers could not overcome the deficit. During the intermission report, PK Subban laid into the Oilers defense, repeatedly calling them soft. Former Oiler Mark Messier was clearly not happy about it, but he kept his mouth shut as the team largely proved Subban to be correct.
Hahahahahahahahahahahaha Mess is absolutely SEETHING at @PKSubban1 calling the Oilers' D soft
Many fans picked up on the vibe that Messier was reminiscing about his playing days as he watched the team he played for get pummeled in a must-win game. It even felt like he would have put the uniform on and gone out there himself if that had been allowed.
Mark Messier wants to put on his old Oilers jersey so bad.. And it still wouldn't be enough #TimeToHunt
Given Subban's own reputation though, the comments about the Oilers defense are particularly noteworthy. Subban was never known for playing great defense or being particularly tough. Popular sports media personality Schlasser summed it up quite nicely.
When PK Subban's going off on the Oilers about how soft and toothless their defense is, it's over.
With the Panthers now up 3-0, it seems virtually certain that they will win the series. The only question now is whether that will be in four games or not. Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see if the Panthers can close things out in Edmonton.