The driver from Humboldt Broncos tragedy finally receives his verdict

Julien Trekker
May 25, 2024  (11:19)

The Humboldt Broncos hockey team.
Photo credit: Humboldt Broncos

The driver from the Humboldt Brocos tragedy finally received an official verdict, six years after 16 lost their lives in the accident.

The person responsible of what will always be remembered as one of the saddest tragedies in hockey history will finally get official consequences from the Canadian Government.
Jaskirat Singh Sidhu, who was driving the truck that caused the bus crash, will need to leave Canada
Read CTV News' report here:
The truck driver who caused the deadly Humboldt Broncos bus crash is set to be deported to India following a decision from a federal immigration official on Friday.

Jaskirat Singh Sidhu's lawyer did not contest the decision, noting the official had «limited discretion», because all that is required to deport Sidhu is proof he is not a Canadian citizen and has committed a serious crime.

A permanent resident is someone who has been given permanent resident status in Canada but is not yet a Canadian citizen.

Sidhu became a permanent resident a month before the crash that left 16 people dead and 13 others injured.

He was a rookie truck driver from Calgary who drove through a stop sign and into the path of the junior hockey team's bus at a rural intersection near Tisdale Saskatchewan in April of 2018.

Toby Boulet, the father of crash victim Logan Boulet, told CTV News he is grateful for the board's decision.

"Bernadine and I are thankful for the decision today as we continue to believe that Mr. Sidhu should be deported from Canada. We are prepared to remain diligent in this belief even as Mr. Sidhu may launch further appeals,» he said.

Sidhu pleaded guilty to dangerous driving offences and was sentenced to eight years in prison.

He was granted full parole last year.

A criminal conviction that carries a sentence of more than six months makes a permanent resident ineligible to remain in the country.

Two years ago, the Canada Border Services Agency recommended deportation, and Greene went to court to fight it.

In December, the Federal Court dismissed applications from Sidhu's lawyer Michael Greene, who had argued border officials didn't consider Sidhu's previously clean criminal record and remorse. He wanted the court to order the border agency to conduct a second review.

"This is part of the sadness of the whole process. We're left with a situation where permanent residents have no rights whatsoever to have their personal circumstances considered," Greene said.

Greene said Sidhu won't immediately be taken into custody after the hearing is over.

He said a pre-removal risk assessment has to be conducted and Sidhu can also ask for a deferral while his request for permanent resident status is considered.

The process, Greene said, could take months or years.
Do you think it's fair to release Sidhu from prison considering his involvement in the Humboldt Broncos tragedy?