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Major update on Matt Pettgrave's future after Adam Johnson incident

Published May 14, 2024 at 1:59 PM

It was a heartbreaking moment for the British professional ice hockey league back in October when Adam Johnson tragically lost his life in a freak accident during a game between the Sheffield Steelers and Nottingham Panthers.

Johnson's teammate accidentally dealt the fatal blow when he lost his balance while aggressively blocking opponents, causing his skate blade to catch Johnson's throat, severing his carotid artery. The entire hockey community was rocked by the tragedy.

Shortly after, South Yorkshire Police arrested a man, with Matt Pettgrave, being the primary focus of the investigation. Petgrave has been released on bail three times since then, with the latest extension stretching to June 26th, 2024. He's required to stay in Nottingham until the trial.

Matt Petgrave, who is under arrest on suspicion of manslaughter to Adam Johnson during a game in the United Kingdom's top flight hockey league, has been re-bailed for the third time, with the extension spanning to June 26th, 2024.
He is still to remain in Nottingham until a trial.

The incident sparked a massive reaction in the sports world, especially within the hockey community.

Today was Matt Petgrave's hearing to have his bail extended. Unfortunately, and as expected, it was granted and will be extended until June 26th, 2024 Where it will likely be extended again.

Some speculated it was intentional, while others argued it was clearly accidental. The investigation continues, and until then, the entire community is left grappling with the tragedy and seeking closure.
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Major update on Matt Pettgrave's future after Adam Johnson incident

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