Stanley Cup Winner Leaves the League and Signs in Russia

Published July 20, 2023 at 9:06 PM

Gemel Smith Trades North America for Russia

Gemel Smith, a seasoned player with several stints in both the NHL and AHL, has made the decision to part ways with North America. Known for his commendable AHL records, and having completed 91 games in the NHL earning a total of 25 points, Smith is headed for Russia to participate in the KHL.

The Remarkable NHL Journey of Smith

Smith's journey in the NHL, albeit relatively brief, is full of noteworthy accomplishments. He has twice experienced the exhilaration of hoisting the Stanley Cup, courtesy of his tenure with the Tampa Bay Lightning.


Smith's achievements extend beyond just championship victories. He was a part of a historic moment in the NHL, participating in the formation of the first all-black line in its history.

Adding to his distinctive experiences in the NHL, Smith had the unique opportunity to share the ice with his brother, Givani Smith, in Detroit.


All things considered, Smith's career in North America is an impressive journey filled with unique milestones.

He now sets his sights on Russia, seeking a greater role in the KHL, and with an optimistic outlook towards a possible NHL comeback, perhaps to claim even more Stanley Cups.

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Stanley Cup Winner Leaves the League and Signs in Russia

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