Breaking: Hockey League Adds New Mandatory Equipment

Published October 30, 2023 at 3:15 PM

The hockey community is deeply affected by the recent tragic events in England. Today, there's promising news about the future of the sport in the UK.

Proactive Measures


In the wake of the heartbreaking incident with Adam Johnson, the English Ice Hockey Association has decided to make neck guards mandatory for all players.

This initiative will begin with the 2024 season. Although it might not avert all potential injuries or tragic events like the recent one, it's undeniably a positive move towards better player safety.

As in all sports, the safety of our players must take precedence above all else," the statement read. "We are firmly committed to our obligation to exhaust every possible means to ensure that a tragic incident of this nature never befalls our sport again. - EIHA statement.

Pushing for Enhanced Safety

Considering the risks and physical demands of the sport, it's evident that enhanced safety measures are crucial. Now, all eyes are on whether the NHL or other North American leagues will follow.

While the top-tier leagues in North America might be slower to adopt such changes, it's important for junior leagues to consider such protective measures in their gameplay.

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Breaking: Hockey League Adds New Mandatory Equipment

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